Past Nearby

(short story)

Deep Night. Stony Silence. Gray everyday life around. Sound Sleeping…He dreams of me again. Everything is always: I run from myself, from the dark past, from him… I write, I write a lot. (I’m different right now … Probably…)

I see the city. A city that hides many secrets. It seemed good: people go, birds sing, cars rush…it seems as usual, but this peace is temporary: all the good ends quickly. The city is poisoned by indifference.

Every city…

Tea with the taste of a communal apartment went back to normal. Everyone is used to such a life. Like a squirrel in a wheel, like a rat race, you run somewhere, you just don’t know where. Over time, you realize that you go round in circles. Only too late…you understand…

I see the apartment, then the room, the events of the day that changed everything… I lost my family, my work, my freedom…However, if he dreams of me again…

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