One day of my school life

(ministory with irony)

I remember as if it went on just a week ago…

Monday. Seven in the morning. Tired. The day has just begun, and I already want to go home. Every day we have some kind of tests and extra classes.

Before entering the school, I always greet the security guard. For some reason, he is always in a good mood. Even now, when it is cloudy and freezing, he says that the weather is fine.

I enter the classroom, while not many people have come yet, some of them were sleeping for the last minutes before class. Later after the second lesson we go to the dining room. I take a sandwich and tea as always. Friends say that I am very predictable. I just sigh and say that they are like captains of evidence. The next subject is literature. Our teacher’s favorite phrase after she asked us something is “the forest of the hands of those who want to answer questions.” This often happens to us.

Next on schedule we have the physical education. We have to run a hundred meters in 30 seconds. We are not very diligent. But the teacher always says that with such a desire to run like ours, the only way is the Olympic Games. When it comes to physics, we all become Ensteins. Sometimes we are really good at something, but it rarely happens. Our French teacher often starts the class with good news. It can be like a dictation or a test, or like last week’s open lesson. But we are used to it.

Perhaps you will ask me a question about the school and whether I really like to study. Of course one day I will remember these times with happiness and a smile on my face, but not today…

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