Red Scarf

(miniflash story)

“Thanks for coming, Robert.”
“I’m always ready to come to my best friend. So… What happened?”

“You know… When I was coming back last night, I took a wrong turn. Walking through a dark alley, a stranger attacked me. He was tall like you, wearing a dark coat and a red scarf. And suddenly two snow-white fangs flashed in the darkness! Still wondering how I escaped from him…”

“Wow… But you are safe now. So let’s finish our tea, watch a movie and forget about this? Fine?”

“Ok… Thank you, Robert…”

Several hours passed and it was midnight. Allen and Robert were standing near the door. And then Allen froze in place, watching his friend put on the same red scarf that he saw yesterday.

“Thanks for the evening, Allen. And yes… Next time, walk on more lighted streets…”

Man smiled mysteriously, exposing snow-white fangs. And then he left the apartment, leaving Allen alone.

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