The King and the Tomfool

From the time immemorial, people have misconceptions about each other. The tomfool is considered a king and the king is considered a tomfool. Centuries go by and people do not change. Now people are also deceived and wrapped in a whole bunch of lies, their eyes are blurred and they are no longer able to understand where the lie flourishes and where the truth survives.

Now, according to haters, the Tomfool has come to power in Ukraine, and in the neighboring country for years, the so-called “king” has already ascended the throne.

However, the Tomfool had many more new, fresh thoughts and was much closer to the people than anyone else. People loved him, began to respect and support him and in their eyes he became a real King. They say that he will be able to raise the already fallen kingdom!

In another kingdom, the king turned out to be a tomfool and a tyrant. People could not say a bad word about the king. They could be thrown in numerous prisons. Although the kingdom was huge, it was declining and people began to cultivate what they thought they would never lose.

Such a misconception about someone can turn your whole worldview upside down and cloud your mind.

Now, more than ever, you need to have a cold mind and a hot heart. To be able to distinguish where the real King is and where the tomfool is hiding behind the King’s mask.

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