Ecological Genocide in Ukraine


The Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ruslan Strelets called on Ukrainians to actively report on the environmental crimes of racists in Ukraine.

“During this time, the orcs pushed the world to the brink of a new nuclear catastrophe, staged large-scale fires in the Exclusion Zone of almost 14,000 hectares. More than a quarter of all ecosystems have been damaged. To date, 254 cases of ecocide have been confirmed, and 1,500 cases of destruction of the Ukrainian environment have been reported, ” he noted on his Facebook page. He also stressed the need to quickly compensate the aggressor country for all environmental damage.

Now Ukrainians can quickly report the facts of environmental damage through the mobile application “Eco-Threat.” According to their website, this is an official resource of the Ministry of Environment, developed with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a standardized form for automatic collection and recording of information on environmental threats in real time, geographically linked to the area. You can find it at this link . Since May 24, 2022, 339 appeals have already been received from citizens. The app also shows real-time statistics on the negative environmental consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Strelets called for the distribution of this application among friends and acquaintances in order to establish all the damage and punish the rashists for their actions in the future.

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