Modern Princesses

(part 1)

We’re all used to seeing princesses in lush dresses, crystal shoes, with evil stepmothers and good fairies by their side…

Can you imagine a princess with a gadget or a burger in hand? Have you ever thought that now princesses do not knock on the “magic cabinet” to choose a new one dress and order it on Instagram? And they no longer walk for a ball, and for a loud youth party. They even moved out of their luxurious carriages in a taxi and instead of a dinner party in the company of the local nobility, she simply orders pizza when she wants to see a new melodrama. So, let’s take a look at the world of modern princesses.

Princess Amira Al-Tawil

Amira Al-Tawil met the prince while working as a journalist for her social studies, and when she got married, she did not give up her ambitions in the past. She has been involved in charitable programs to combat poverty and employment and to draw the attention of the West to the segregation of women in the Middle East. Its motto is “Evolution, not revolution.” But the royal family kept hinting to Amira’s husband that if she continued in the same spirit, she would be severely punished. For example, for driving a car. Amira, the first princess to refuse to wear the traditional Arab abaya dress in public, is a spectacular sign of modernity that emphasizes the work of her life.

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