Graphic Design as A Business

(opinion article)

“You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrant…
or in front of a piece of graphic design.”
(Stefan Sagmeister)

If you’ve always pictured yourself as a commercial artist but your drawing style is closer to stick figures,  graphic design might be  the business for you. With the great software available today, you can conjure up logos, letterheads, brochures, product packaging, and mail order catalogs — just about anything that needs a distinctive graphic ambiance for the business client. Graphic designers often work on a freelance basis, creating materials for corporate clients, advertising agencies, public relations firms and publishers.

But, they do more than merely sketch designs — they often provide visual solutions to specific problems like company identity crises or image changes. The advantages of this business are that, provided you have a strong design and color sense, you don’t need to be able to draw, you can work full time or part time and you can do it at home. Hours are flexible: So long as you meet clients at reasonable times and meet your deadlines, you can work ’til dawn and sleep ’til noon if you want to.

So, how much money can you make as a graphic designer?

According to Payscale, the median salary for a graphic designer in the USA is approximately $30,000. However, in Ukraine it is about 15 000 hrn.

Profession rating:

Demand — 90%;

Payability — 60%;

Competition — 95%;

Prospects —  80%.

To recap, I can say, that graphic design is more than just aesthetics; graphic design is a form of communication between business and the audience.

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