(short story)

We were surrounded, it seemed we could not get out of the blockage. But we hear a strange rustle from a single crack of stone…

He appeared so imperceptibly that we did not have time to blink. A man in a black suit raised a block and we all managed to get out of a terrible trap. He was kind to the women, helped everyone and asked how they felt. He treated men with restraint, but it was clear that he was worried. It was visible to the naked eye. The man was in a mask, his body did not tremble from the heavy stones he lifted. The blood on his right arm was black, he seemed injured, but he didn’t pay attention.

Two years passed and he didn’t show up, I thought I wouldn’t see him again. But when the ship began to sink, I saw on the news how he saved the whole team. The man with black blood…I ran to the port and waited for him, I wanted to thank him for saving me two years ago. Turning my head, I saw his eyes; his name was Nickled, my future husband. That’s right, kids, I met your dad.

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