My City Is On Quarantine… 

“If you are going through Hell, keep on going.”
(Winston Churchill)

May 22, Kyiv. 2020 has become a difficult year for all the inhabitants of our planet because of the pandemic of the so-called coronavirus.

Yes, it became a world pandemic with 5, 207, 910 coronavirus cases and 334, 848 deaths. What is the problem? Because of the defiant and not serious attitude of people to this virus, it led to terrible large-scale consequences. The Chinese virus turned out to be sly and scheming.

Ignoring the problem and not the seriousness of the planet’s population has written a new, formidable page in the history of our lives. It is too late to think that it is possible to change; now we only have to learn from mistakes, do our best and not to allow the virus to spread further.

People are used to seeing only the bad sides, some problems. Yes, of course, quarantine has become quite a difficult period of our lives, which is still unknown when it will end, but good has always defeated evil, right?

We have no heavy responsibilities! I prefer to sit at home, and if I go outside I put on a mask and gloves, I think it is not difficult for us.

Self-isolation and hygiene are two basic things that will stop the pandemic and save our health. Maybe it’s all to make us better. Finally, we become more responsible, take care not only of our health but also of others and just give the opportunity to stop for a moment and rethink your life, yourself!

Individually, I feel changes in myself; maybe they are not global but necessary for me. I learned to discipline myself and more care about my health, appreciate soul moments with friends, even the morning rush to university. All these little things become so important and begin to remake the inner world of people again.

In my humble opinion, your personal responsibility and compliance with the rules = happy and healthy future for the whole planet.

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