Cryptocurrency – our future or another scam?

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The economy has undergone quite revolutionary changes in recent years. The development of society and the economy, as its important component, is non-trivial. The old way of life is being broken more and more often, inviolable postulates are being destroyed. Therefore, the currency is also changing. The essence of cryptocurrency is that, although it is electronic, it cannot be copied as a regular file. And it seems to be very convenient and reliable for instant financial settlements around the world. Someday, maybe it will replace ordinary money. And prices for cryptocurrencies will be shaped by the capacity of economies or assets of large companies.

However, in our unpredictable realities we do not believe in the reliability of cryptocurrency and the so-called bitcoin. It is unbelievable that in fact the mathematical calculation of the number will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Although the number of numbers is limited in each cryptocurrency (there can be no more than 21 million bits), the cryptocurrencies themselves can be many. And bitcoin is just the first. And, by the way, not the best in terms of convenience, speed and functionality.

The price of bitcoin, according to experts, is growing just on the hype. Nerds just inflate another bubble and perhaps the largest in human history. Bitcoin apologists believe in it in much the same way as they believed in tulip bulbs during the fever of the same name in seventeenth-century Holland. Similarly, investors believed in dotcoms in 2000. And they explained to each other that Internet companies are the future of the world economy and that their shares should be bought at any price. Because “it will only get more expensive!” As everyone knows, most of those Internet companies have failed, although the era of Internet companies is still coming.

So what do you think about it? Is it the future trend or just a financial fraud?

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