Mister Mugger Mouse

(dormitory story)

For several days, if not a week, there has been a struggle between the mouse and me.

It all started with a weird noise, which was repeated day after day. At first I ignored it, jokingly suggesting it could be a mouse. Even the fact that the girls next door already had a mouse didn’t convince me that this could be true. Until the moment when the mouse became completely impudent and appeared in broad daylight.

Exam, all cameras were on. I heard a distinct rustle. I turned my head and saw a gray criminal pulling cookies. MY COOKIES! The mouse was so fascinated by stealing that it didn’t even hear me approaching, but when it saw my shadow looming menacingly over, the mouse rushed faster than Flash!

It’s good that my disappearance was not noticed at the exam…

After that, I started hunting for the mouse, but, alas, nothing helped. A roommate, who went to his hometown, promised to buy a ‘gift’ for the mouse. However, this soon became unnecessary.

The night before the last exam. I tried to fall asleep, but again that damned noise…I had already hidden my food wherever I could, but the mouse was still gnawing something. For a long time, I could not understand what it was. And the clock was running, it was 4 a.m. After another tour of the room, I saw that this rotten rodent was digging in the trash. ‘Liked a tangerine peel, yeah?’ Annoyed and exhausted, I grabbed the jar and covered it with the mouse. I tied up a garbage bag and carried it out into the corridor.

Morning. The exam was successful, no any noise.

Day. I was going to throw out the garbage bag, but I noticed a hole… ‘Thank the stars that it didn’t return to me.’

The future of this mouse is unknown. Perhaps, it guessed that it wasn’t welcome here and decided to ‘please’ someone else with its visit. However, this is another dormitory story…

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