Why Do People Work? (Reasons?)

(opinion article)

First and foremost, we need work to make money and honey, but this, of course, is not the only reason. Working makes one feel that his life is meaningful. Regular employment gives us a chance to interact with people outside of our normal social circle. Also, some people may feel comfortably happy when they can do things they desire. People understand that it is not only to work to secure themselves, but also to bring benefits to society. People also work to satisfy their passion, to fulfill their dreams and to meet the need of society. We like to help other people. Jobs give us the opportunity to meet new people on a regular basis, which can provide us with a sense of happiness.

A remedy for boredom, spleen, and depression. Work is an effective remedy for depression, as it requires concentration and distracts a person from negative thoughts.

A way to motivate and discipline yourself. Work is, of course, not an army, but it trains willpower, endurance, and discipline perfectly. Thanks to work, you have certain rules and rituals; you can plan your time and use your resources wisely.

Recharge your own ego. There are people who need praise, respect, recognition of their merits literally like air. If you are upset when the parents or the teacher did not express their approval to you on time, if you are happy when any of the authoritative people set you as an example, then you are the person who needs respect. It can certainly be obtained at work.

Unlike people who stupidly stand at their workplace and do boring work, you can only strive for creative work. If you are not allowed to be creative, life loses all meaning.

So, let`s keep on working. The prize for a well-done work is more work! Each person has his own reasons, arguments for finding a job. And there is nothing wrong with that. Do not worry that you have other motives than your friend or friend. There are, for example, people who go to work just to stay home. Or those who are in love with someone and therefore every morning they go to the office to look at the subject of their adoration.

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