The End

She died… It was absolutely accurate and extremely obvious. Did she regret that she did not have time to carry out all her plans while she was alive? A little, all in all, you could never be ready to die.

At the same time, all her main goals were achieved, she gave birth and raised worthy children, wrote 56 books in her life, 22 of which became worldwide bestsellers, and was able to achieve significant success in the animal rights. Her whole life was like a frenzied race against time. And now, time has won.

Thinking about all her achievements, she realized that for all her long 86 years she never went to France, as she always dreamed, she didn’t practice cooking enough and, most importantly, she didn’t have time to stop, look back, and realize what a long way she has come.

But now, now that the path called “life” is over, she has all the time in this universe to think about it and relax.

Art by: MYMAYI

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