What better not to laugh at

“Let success be whimsical; it chooses from those who may be the first to laugh at himself.” A wonderful phrase from a brilliant movie. In fact, laughing at oneself is a terrific therapy, but laughing at other people can be extremely risky. When is it better not to do this?

Close people

You always need to make a choice – to be witty and sparkling or to maintain a relationship. Any jokes should not develop into humiliating ridicule. No need to recall weaknesses, curious cases, especially with other people, putting their loved ones in an awkward position. Relationships are often built precisely on the emotions that we experience, remembering another person. And if your loved ones experience discomfort when remembering you, the channel of your communication can become very unstable. Make sure you are remembered with a kind smile.


Despite the fact that in our time everyone advocates “self-acceptance”, this does not mean all people are at this stage of enlightenment. Therefore, try not to discuss the appearance of other people. Even if a person himself seems to be laughing out loud at his overweight, this may be a simple defense against potential attacks or covering his own complexes, so never join in – just smile, say a compliment if you can do it sincerely, and if not – just gently change the subject with a question.


Paralympic people have set an amazing tone in communication with all people with disabilities. They explained to everyone that “being different” is gradually becoming a habit and a person function depending on the circumstances. Naturally, besides the fact that you should not laugh at all people, it is also important to understand that deliberate disregard, whispering to a neighbor or “slanting” looks can be unpleasant. Each time you need to communicate with people with disabilities, you just need to make allowances for these very circumstances – bend over, say louder or slower (without fanaticism).


Surely, many found themselves in an awkward situation when you were discussing a person with acquaintances in a bus, on the street, on the Internet, and he would appear behind you or later accidentally see your writing. Each time you talk about someone out loud or in writing, it’s worthwhile to understand these words can reach the person in question.


Children are, of course, very funny when they learn to walk, ask ridiculous questions, get dirty from head to toe. But do not rush to upload photos and videos of such family comedies on Instagram and show them to the first person you come across. Children grow up very quickly, and they will be ungrateful to you for giving other people a reason to ridicule them.

Yes, you need fighting with the complexes, yes, you need to laugh at yourself, but how to do it is the right of each person. And if this person did not give you this right, then “do not take it without a demand.”

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