Importance of English in My life


From the beginning of the war, I decided to do 3D modeling, and faced a huge problem – a lot of useful videos were in English! Although I can understand English fluently, accents are something that is relatively new.

One thing I understood for sure – the Polish accent in English is what saved me from most of the problems. All words are pronounced very clearly, and with my meager vocabulary I understand about 70%.

Worse, of course, are the native British or, Good gracious, the Americans. Their pronunciation turns into a terrible synthesis with a five-dollar microphone and the pounding of construction hammers in the background. From all this, I could make out the maximum: “Hello everyone! My name is George and then we will be (sounds of birds) and then we will be (someone’s grandmother coughs) and if you press this button (he did not show the button) everything will work out!”

Most of all I like ironically videos like “I’ll teach you how to model in five minutes”

That’s what he said!

Of course, they are not really ironic. There, usually, a serious dude tells his success story (necessarily in some kind of Disney) and shows how to create a new document. He really helped.

My favorite videos are from Chinese or Jap. Their English is still incomprehensible to me, but there is a feeling that I have plunged into something important. On the weekdays of mafia men, for example or the heroin business.

Training videos on timelapse are very original! For instance, I put them on 0.25 speed and I can hear the Beatles singing “He-e-e-e-elp” in the background for a whole minute.

I don’t know how watching these videos helped to improve my spoken English. Well, at least, I learned how to make 3d models. And maybe someday I’ll be able to understand what the old lady without false teeth is talking about in Times Square.

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