Modern Princesses

(part 2)

Crown Princess Mary

In another Scandinavian royal family, the opposite happened: it was not the heiress who married an ordinary man, but the crown prince who married a girl without a pedigree. The Danish royal family is one of the oldest in the world and the oldest in Europe.

Mary Donaldson had no idea she would become a princess when she decided to have a drink with friends at a Sydney bar. The prince, who was in the city during a visit to the 2000 Olympic Games, also went there. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship, but eventually married. In her past life, Mary worked in marketing, where her responsibilities included PR and working with clients – a little boring, but with much less attention. She now helps refugees learn Danish and patronizes the fashion industry. The Crown Princess is involved everywhere: from obesity organizations to research and development programs; she has four children and the fame of the Dane Kate Middleton. Her main headache is the future biopic about the adventures of her husband in his youth.

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine

Kate Middleton’s official title is Duchess. Traditionally, Prince William’s wife is not called a princess. One day she will receive the same title that once belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales, but only when her husband becomes the first in line to inherit the throne (it is said that the Queen is about to hand over power to Charles).

One way or another, Kate has long been the personification of the image of the “modern princess”: a successful image and extreme adequacy, multiplied by the readiness of the public to a new object of adoration, became a recipe for instant success. Kate and William were in no hurry to marry. According to the press, Kate had long dared to take on this infinitely complex public role and was almost ready to give up. Nevertheless, the wedding took place, the whole world looked at the couple with their mouths open, and the end of the world did not come. Today, Kate is perceived differently: someone believes that she promotes the image of a woman who defines herself through a successful marriage and a man; someone calls her a role model – she is involved in charity, modest, cheerful, dresses according to the norm, as if she is the same as us.

It is unlikely that we will ever be able to break through the wall built around Middleton by PR people, but this is not necessary – the little things give a down-to-earthness that penetrated the British court with the young duchess. Let the dominance of crazy hats go nowhere, but we know that Prince William calls his wife a banana, and Kate herself carelessly wears crocs. All this, however, does not prevent the British court from hiring a special person to watch over Kate’s puffy skirts and keep her from repeating the famous embarrassment.

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