My Weaknesses and Strengths


When I was a child, I had some health problems.Then my mother took me not only to a therapist, but to a psychotherapist to better understand me and reject the problems in my head that provoke diseases in the body. For this I love my mother. But it did not turn out as expected. I accidentally heard that I had a weak psyche. Yeah, I was ‘old’ enough to understand that it was bad and not enough to criticize this fact.

So I lived with the knowledge that my psyche was weak, and I was weak. Whatever I achieved, I thought it was not enough, no matter how well I did the job, I was always looking for flaws. And only now am I beginning to notice where others go crazy, I remain cold-blooded, where many people resign themselves and say that “life is life,” or “c`est la vie,” I look for a way out.

Maybe I’m too empathetic, maybe too emotional, but I’m definitely not weak. It remains a mystery whether I have always been this way or whether I became strong after listening to the doctor’s words about my “weakness.” So believe in yourself and don`t give up while meeting various challenges.

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