Learning a Foreign Language! Apprendre une langue étrangère! Eine Fremdsprache lernen!

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? English or French, German or Eskimo? It isn’t easy, is it? It takes time and hard work, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

One of the main advantages of learning a foreign language is that travelling becomes more enjoyable. When you can communicate with the local people, you can get the information you need as well as make friends with the people you meet. Some of the luckiest ones can even find the love of their life abroad. In addition, it’s nice to travel when you can read the language because you won’t have problems understanding signs or menus. You can be sure you will always find your gate in the airport or buy necessary medicine in a pharmacy.

But that’s not all. Another reason to learn a foreign language is that it improves your cultural knowledge of other countries. When you are familiar with a country’s language, you can understand its literature, films, and music. This enriches your inner world and broadens your mind. Thus, the words How many languages you know, so many times you are a person, come to life.

Can you imagine reading your favorite authors in their own language? Or understanding all of the lyrics in your favorite songs? Or reading extremely catching blogs without using machine translation? Or commenting vlogs using the language everyone in the world can understand? Or create your own web site, blog, or vlog so that it can be understood by most people in the world?

There are many reasons to learn a foreign language, such as travel, cultural awareness, work, or study. Whatever the reason, language is the key to communication and it can only enrich your life.

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