The Story Of…MARUV

“Art is a provocation. Look at the most famous paintings. The main thing is that I evoke emotions in you, I make you talk about it. ”

Her songs are known all over the world. The Ukrainian singer who gained popularity in conflicts and clashes with the media community. She confidently and decisively steps towards her goal, namely – to go down in history. The unsurpassed and outrageous girl – MARUV.

MARUV (or Anna Korsun) is one of the most scandalous Ukrainian musicians. This girl was born in a small town called Pavlograd in an ordinary family. The father is a miner, the mother is a civil servant. She sang and danced since childhood. During her studies, she worked as a waitress in a restaurant and a singer in a Kharkiv strip club, where she sang chanson songs. The best character trait of MARUV is purposefulness. Despite all the failures at the Ukrainian castings, it did not break the future star but on the contrary, made her stronger.

The first high-profile shot of the world star was the release of the well-known track “Drunk Groove”. Today, her video has more than 140 million views. Many people do not even guess that this is a song by a Ukrainian singer. However, thanks to this premiere, the girl reached the world level. Her next step was to perform at the National Eurovision Song Contest, where MARUV performed her new hit – “Siren Song”. Her victory became the loudest event in the music sphere of Ukraine recently. The main problem was that the girl performed in Russia, which made it difficult for Anna to go to the International Eurovision Song Contest. That is why she refused to participate in the final, which caused a real sensation among her fans. MARUV received an infinite amount of hatred every day. However, this did not upset her. That is why she took attention to herself – and announced her big tour around the world.

“Art is a provocation. Look at the most famous paintings. The main thing is that I evoke emotions in you, make you talk about it. There are many more scandals in the West. What I do are insignificant things,” says MARUV.

This phrase concludes that Anna likes to attract attention, she likes to evoke emotions (both positive and negative). She knows what she is doing and understands that she is on the right track now. Her actions inspire and make it clear that nothing is impossible. If you do not succeed – work harder and improve yourself. Her success and fame demonstrate that perseverance, determination, and a pinch of talent will help you reach heights.

Now MARUV is one of the brightest and most famous Ukrainian musicians. She has her own personal timbre, her own “ballet”, which distinguishes her from other singers. Anna proved to everyone that despite everything, she can hit it harder and  get the world fame.

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