Workplace Etiquette

(Three strikes and you are out!)

Do you have to say hello to everyone you meet in the office building?

Greetings with eyes, a good look — this is a greeting. Neutral phrases or small talk are already a sign of attention. It is worth remembering that there are always national features and traditions. Koreans or Japanese are silent in many ways, Americans are joking loudly. The golden mean is fine jewelry. Like everything to do with gold.

Do you need to support small talks with colleagues and management?

About everything and nothing is a skill and a gift. Appropriateness and limited edition of stories and jokes are appreciated. The main thing is not to retell standard jokes and news from spam mailings.

Do I have to knock when entering the office of the boss?

There is an opinion that knocking means consciously assuming that the boss is busy in the office with something inappropriate. But there is also the opinion that it is important to respect other people’s borders.

A knock is an indication that you are aware of the rules. Rules of etiquette are first of all about self-respect. Knocking is about subordination. Respect your boss, even if he is yelling…If not knocking, then the phrase “let me in.” And a step forward. By the rules of the game!

P.S. You should not forget that in the majority of American companies there is an informal rule: “Three strikes and you are out!” Guys should remember the second informal rule too, “Don`t put your pen in company ink!”

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