(romantic story)

Jeremy and Jack fight among themselves for Sabrina’s heart — everyone at school knows this. Sabrina has been chosen as the autumn ball queen twice at their school, she is a smart, beautiful, and a gifted girl. Jeremy is the smartest and richest guy in school. And Jack is the best athlete, the school is proud of him, he brings their football team victory after victory. This is the most talked-about trio in their school, not only because of their achievements and talents but also because of the constant buzz around them.

Jeremy and Jack are both in love with Sabrina. They constantly arrange competitions to find out who is better and who Sabrina will choose.

One day, Jeremy bought all the flowers from the nearest flower shops and filled the whole floor with them, if only Sabrina would pay attention to him. Nevertheless, she paid attention to him, not out of happiness and gratitude, but with an angry tirade. As it turns out, she is allergic to most flowers.

Jack, in turn, decided to impress Sabrina not with money, but with his exploits. Everything should have gone just fine. Well, at least he thought so. It all ended with a gaffe…During the execution of a complex maneuver, he, through negligence, hit his face on the gate… He spent the rest of the match unconscious; the team was barely able to defeat the opponents. Sabrina was furious, she hated the frivolous attitude toward her favorite sport.

This ‘Santa Barbara’ story could go on for who knows how long, but one day Jeremy and Jack found notes in their lockers. The text inside of them said: “Come to Krayon Street at 5:30 pm on Friday. I need to tell you something.” The guys were so happy that they literally glowed with joy. They didn’t say anything to each other, hoping to surprise their rival by showing up at school with Sabrina together.

Jeremy prepared very carefully, he chose a new suit, bought new perfume, did a chic hairstyle, and took a box of chocolates with him, prudently leaving the idea of ​​bouquets behind. Jack, on the other hand, did not bother so much about appearance, instead he borrowed a bike from his brother to impress and give a ride to Sabrina when she confesses her love to him.

Imagine the surprise of the guys when at the agreed time and in the agreed place they saw each other.

“What the hell are you doing here,” Jeremy was indignant.

“I want to ask you the same thing, I went to meet Sabrina, not with you,” Jack answered him sharply.

“No, you obviously messed something up. Because it was you on my way to meet Sabrina!”


The atmosphere began to heat up, and the guys came close to each other, preparing to start a fight at any moment. Luckily, they were thwarted.

“Jeremy! Jack! Come here!”

Sabrina came up to them, but not alone. Next to her was a tall guy with glasses.

“Sabrina!” the guys exclaimed.

“And who are you,” Jack turned to the guy near Sabrina.

“I’m Matthew Borden, Sabrina’s boyfriend, nice to meet you.”

“Whaaaaaat?” Jack was outraged. “What the heck are you talking about?! What do you mean by calling yourself “Sabrina`s boyfriend”?”

“The same thing that you heard,” Matthew’s face instantly acquired a frightening shade, while he was still smiling.

“Sabrina, explain, please, I don’t understand anything.” Jeremy was clearly angry, but, unlike Jack, restrained himself. “Why did you invite us to a meeting, and even brought your boyfriend to it?”

“It’s simple, I wanted you to be convinced of my words. I have already told you more than once that I already have a boyfriend and that I am not interested in a relationship with any of you.”

“What are you saying? There was no such thing,” Jack was confused.

“No, It was,” Jeremy corrected him.

“Exactly!” Sabrina confirmed. “I told you this many times, but you, blinded by your stupid competition, did not notice anything. You didn’t care what I was saying, it was important for you to win against each other. Before, we were all so good friends, but now I have the feeling that I am nothing more than a thing for you, a kind of golden trophy that you need to win just to brag that it was you who got it, and not someone else.”

The guys stood in shock, they absolutely forgot when their feud had started, but more importantly, they forgot that before Sabrina became their target, she was their good friend who always helped in trouble.

“Anyway,” Sabrina sighed. “I would like us to continue to be friends. I do not want to see you as enemies and annoying flies, and I also do not want you to be at enmity with each other. Can you maintain such a relationship with me?”

After all that was said, the guys realized that in fact, they were not very interested in Sabrina as a girlfriend, by chance she just became their ultimate goal.

“Yes,” they said.

“I`m glad to hear it.” Sabrina smiled, “Then see you both on Monday. I’m glad we got it all figured out.”

“Bye,” Matthew, who had been silent until then, said.

“Bye,” the guys said to him.

Sabrina and Matthew left. Jeremy and Jack remained standing, watching them go. When the couple finally disappeared from vision, they looked at each other. Jack noticed in the hands of his enemy, the former enemy, a box of chocolates.

“What are they with?”

“With liquor,” Jeremy said.

“Just the same we need,” Jack nodded.

They spent the rest of the evening eating chocolates, drinking beer and trying to make up for a lost time by rebuilding their friendship.

Art by: elmesart

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