Chance for Change


“The biggest risk is not to make any risky decisions … In a rapidly changing world, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not to take risks”
Mark Zuckerberg

Somehow I was asked: why change something if there is no guarantee that everything will be as you intended?  And what could be worse?  At that moment, confidently knowing what I wanted, I replied: for the sake of my dream, you need to take risks and there will be a result.  After a while, I was asked another question: How could you achieve yours?  All in all, she believed in her dream and her strength.  So, little tips for those who are entangled in the thorns of their own thoughts and do not know if something is worth changing in life.

  1. Listen to your heart. No, this is not a series of banal phrases from the Internet.  It’s about first of all having to listen to your true desires and passion for something that is not imposed on anyone.  Not the ones you burn for a second, but the ones you are constantly excited about.  The ones that really make you happy.
  2. Don’t listen to others. And I know what I’m talking about.  Most often, after hearing about our plans / dreams / goals, friends and even friends do not quite believe in their realization.  And then comes the crisis.  Crisis of desires, you think that already motivates nothing and you want nothing.  You cease to be inspired by your dream, you are desperate to achieve it.  People do not understand that your hopes are being destroyed, so it will be better for them and for you when you do not take their words to heart.  But you will be true to your dreams.
  3. The impossible is possible! Whoever said that is true.  The main thing is not to stop and know for sure what you do it for.  Believing in your power, you can do everything, really!  And no words that your desires are unrealistic will not stop you.  You will be guided by the overwhelming inspiration and overwhelming desire to achieve yours.
  4. Always say yes. No, I’m not saying that all canons should be violated.  Although … And about that too, but within the law, of course.  I am more that if it is doubtful to do or not to do;  to try or not;  to change, or not change your life.  So, always choose “yes”.  Change, try, try, do!  After all, if there is a chance, even if it is small, but there is a need to use it to succeed / change your life for the better / become happier!  And remember: frames are only in our head and only we decide whether to break them or not.  So do not hesitate, and good luck will accompany you!
  5. Believe in your strength. Banal phrase about non-banal solutions.  I am saying that often enough people are not confident in their abilities, so they lose, because unbelief in ourselves is imposed on our inspiration, which gradually goes away if you are not sure that you will succeed.  If you have already made the decision to change your life, then rest assured that you will succeed!  After all, if you are genuinely focused on fulfilling your true desires, this is half the success!  And you can be sure that if you set the priorities correctly, then destiny will help you in the realization of your dreams in all ways.  So, work towards achieving your sincere desires!
  6. Defeat is a new opportunity. Yes, even if you make a mistake and choose not your story, you should not go your own way.  This is definitely the beginning of something new, because each one of us is wrong and it is normal.  It is important to understand what you need and then this error will not be fatal.  If you understand in time and do not have to dare to take the risk and correct it, dramatically change its trajectory.  Not everyone has the courage to do it, but everyone can at least find the strength to try!
  7. The choice is in your hands. Sometimes we get very tired of helping us make a choice, or worse, make it for us.  Of course, we are responsible for what we have chosen, but this is not a reason to shift it to someone else’s shoulders.  For the other person, no matter how tired, but never realize your true desires / experiences / dreams, only you can know exactly what you need.  So, in order not to regret the wrong path, choose it yourself, choose sincerely.

“The hardest thing to do is everything else depends on persistence,” – Amelia Ergart.

And the last thing I want to say is that if you really want something with all your heart, then start acting!  After all, to dream, hesitate and think as best you can before retirement, but you need to do something for the sake of your wishes!  Strive for your success with bold actions, break the canons and erase the frames, because nothing is impossible.  We make our own rules, fear grandiose dreams, or begin to bring them to life!

And remember – there is always a chance to become happier, use it!

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