Interview with Diana Nikolaychuk

Due to the coronavirus, the break in the matches of the women’s football club “Ateks” dragged on for a very long time. After this pause, the team started with several victories in Kiev, as well as on the road. The heroine of today’s interview is Diana Nikolaychuk, who scored the winning goal for the Ivano-Frankivsk team at their stadium.

Diana Nicolaychuk

– Who do you associate with from football players outside of football? To communicate often directly, then with anyone.

– Football for football, family for family, friends for friends. sometimes I write off with the girls from the national team, we joke there, we find out how each other is doing. Well, with the girls from the team, we can joke together, go for coffee.

– Who helps you in life? Who instructs? If such a person at all?

– If financially, then of course – parents help. But the person who teaches is not. I usually only listen to myself.

– What would you never do in your life?

– I didn’t care about my interests.

– What do you do in your free time from football?

– I’m working, walking with lovely people, eating tasty food, I am engaged in it, so it should be like the environment of football.

– You have already achieved a lot in football, playing for U-19. What’s next?

– Well, well, as if a football player is cited, I may be able to spend some time before the national game and win international trophies with her.

– Where should a beginner start if he wants to follow in your footsteps?

– Just go and do it. Call to the club, sign up for a viewing, and then everything depends on you and your desire.

– What are the pitfalls in your field?

– None. If you really want something, then you will have it.

– There are turning points in any business. What were you?

– I remember only one, before qualifying for Euro 19. Was injured at the game several weeks before the start of the training camp. Then, of course, it was difficult to collect my thoughts and believe that everything would be fine. It was difficult to set oneself up for the fact that it would still work out in the qualifications.

– Does it ever happen that before a match you have no motivation to win? If so, why, what is it connected with, and how do you overdo yourself?

– I personally don’t have that. I think that if you go to the game without motivation, then it is better not to go at all.

– How do you assess the prospects of the team in which you play?

– I think that there are prospects, and quite good, as now there are people who are interested in the development of the club.

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