Self-sabotage: how not to lose a chance for business growth

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Have you ever regretted a missed opportunity? Let’s say you’re trying to lead your company down a road with a sign that says “SUCCESS IS THERE”, but some unknown force is pulling your feet in the opposite direction…

Writers call it the irony of fate, but in psychology and business, there is another term – self-sabotage.

In simple terms, it is deliberate harm to yourself. Why does this happen? Because of the conflict between two parts of our subconscious.

Let me explain self-sabotage using a real-life case….

Recently, I was looking for a new employee at OLOS Academy. I found my “right” person, two days of internship, good cooperation, and… And the girl has a sudden exacerbation of a congenital disease. For the next few months, she is physically unable to do her job. After talking, we found out that the reason was subconscious fear, which, of course, contradicts conscious desires, but still makes a person take a step back.

So why should a manager know about self-sabotage?

The growth of the company means the growth of each employee.

The personal development of an employee follows the algorithm: “chance – self-sabotage – overcoming – success”. If you do not administer the third stage, the last one may simply not come. Therefore, a skillful manager must have the management tools to diagnose colleagues’ self-sabotage and be able to administer a way out of this state. In this way, both each employee and the company as a whole will grow.

But remember, you are not alone! After all, asking for help is not a weakness, it is a sign of wisdom. Especially if you turn to a business psychologist.

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