What are the principles of business etiquette?

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners” (Laurence Sterne)

  1. The principle of stability of the first impression. The essence of this principle is that the first impression is always stable and determines the further attitude to the person. What if a person couldn’t make a good impression? Couldn’t demonstrate professional quality? The wrong first impression imprints on business relations and in the future we will have to make a lot of effort to correct the situation. In order for this not to happen, one must know the laws of the psychology of perception.
  2. The principle of reliability and sustainability of behavior in different business situations. Adhering to this principle makes the behavior of a business person predictable, which is of great importance to and trusting business partners. In business communication, certain behaviors have been developed to help avoid awkward situations. For example, it is previously known that the start of a business meeting with a new person for you will be in accordance with the established scheme: greetings, presentations, exchange of business cards.
  3. The “asexual community” principle distinguishes business etiquette from a civilian. There are no men and women in the professional team, but there are employees of a certain rank or positions and relevant rules of communication. For example, when meeting with a supervisor, his first, according to etiquette, should greet a subordinate, be it a man or a woman. A good specialist is valued not because he is male or female, but because he is a good specialist. However, businessmen and women remain men and women at work, but their gender should not be unduly stressed. Some groups still have a tradition of congratulating men on Father’s Day (although most of them did not serve in the army), and women have been celebrating March 8 with “male” and “female” holidays.
  4. The principle of appropriateness is ns only in the knowledge of business etiquette in general, but also in what situation what rules to use: to use linguistic etiquette regarding the situation of business communication, to dress appropriately, to meet the expectations of others as much as possible.
  5. The principle of having emotional intelligence, that is a set of qualities that determine a person’s ability to manage themselves and relationships with other people. The concept of “emotional intelligence” was introduced within such psychotechnics as neurolinguistic programming by psychologist Daniel Goleman.

Can intelligence be emotional? After all, intellect (from Latin. Intellectus – understanding) is the ability to think, and emotions (from Latin. Emovere – to disturb, excite) – states, which are expressed in the form of immediate experiences of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the actual needs of man.

  1. The principle of reasonable selfishness means that when performing work functions, one cannot interfere with the work of others and prevent them from performing work functions: to advise, talk loudly, distract from work, invade personal space, etc.
  2. The principle of positivity is to have a positive attitude towards employees, customers, business partners on the principle: “I am good, you are good.” It is impossible to lie, discuss and condemn others’ shortcomings, to abuse, to ironize, etc.

Knowledge of the basic principles of modern business etiquette allows a person to behave confidently in situations of business communication, not to make those mistakes that interfere with the establishment and maintenance of normal business relationships, which raises doubts about his upbringing. Of course, just knowing the rules of etiquette is not enough, you need to follow them naturally and naturally. Continuous training, sharpening good manners will lead them to automaticity, when it is no longer necessary to think about what to say and how to behave. No wonder the educated person is not the one who thought long before doing the right thing, but the one who could not do otherwise.

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