Canada is a unique country that is a permanent member of the “Top 10 Must-Visit” list.

After the atrocious war, the first country I plan to visit is Canada! This country helps a lot in the time of hardships in Ukraine…

Without any doubts we are grateful to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, personally, and all Canadian people for their so necessary for us humanitarian and military support. Here you can see the incredible beauty of nature, mountain resorts, amazing national dishes, feel the uniqueness of culture – Canada has everything! In addition, there are as many as 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada! It also has the longest ski season in the world, polar bears, northern lights and poutine (French fries topped with squeaky cheese and gravy!).

Language: Canada’s two official languages ​​are English and French, with over 80% of Canadians speaking English.

Safety: Canada is a very safe country to visit with almost no violent crime.

Currency: The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD).

Electronic payment: Canada has a very developed electronic money circulation; you can almost always get by with a credit card. ATMs are also easily accessible wherever you go if you need to withdraw cash.

Electricity: Canada uses Type B plugs (same as US). The standard voltage is 110-120V and the standard frequency is 60Hz. For foreign travelers, I recommend getting a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection) and using a converter for hair dryers and other heating tools.

Canada is a very big country. It is worth considering that the climate and weather in it will differ depending on the region you visit!

As a rule, the best time to visit Canada is the end of summer, August or September: the weather has already cooled down a bit, but is still comfortable for outdoor activities. In addition, the summer crowds of tourists have already left, prices have dropped, and the foliage is starting to change color beautifully.

Winter usually lasts from October to March, although it can sometimes extend into April. Winters in Vancouver get very little snow, while Montreal is usually cold! The best time to visit Banff National Park is from June to August for summer activities and outdoor activities, and from December to March for skiing.

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