Online cinema “TYTR” from the team of KyivMusicFilm

KyivMusicFilm has created the TYTR online cinema, where users can watch independent European films and films about culture.

“Cinema should live longer than the rental. This idea prompted us, the KyivMusicFilm team, to launch our own online TYTR cinema”, the project creators say on their website. In fact, now KyivMusicFilm also adds that the film industry must live even in times of war, when rental is impossible or limited.

For 7 years, this team has been releasing documentaries about music, culture, films, concerts and independent feature films. During this time, they have faced the closure of cinemas, the limited number of cinemas in Ukraine or their complete absence. Also, importantly, not all cinemas are ready to show non-mass movies.

“The new reality requires an alternative for all occasions. That is why we have created an online cinema TYTR, where films can be watched legally in any part of Ukraine and at any convenient time”, KyivMusicFilm shared.

There are currently about 40 films available on the cinema’s website. All tickets are sold at one price 一 90 hryvnias. The ticket is valid for one week from the date of purchase for an unlimited number of views.

No less important is the fact that 25% of ticket sales go to the needs of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

In general, “TYTR” was planned to be launched in late February 2022, but the launch was postponed due to the war.

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