‘He Bunny’ Seized ‘She Foxie!’

(breaking news)

As it was informed 22 minutes ago, by Multicat Dad, a military correspondent from Kharkiv Oblast, Ukrainian ‘He-Bunny,’a former Russian tank T-80, caught ‘She-Foxie,’one more Russian tank T-72, when ‘she’ was hiding in thick green bushes of dog-rose…‘He-Bunny’took ‘She-Foxie’ as its trophy without causing it any damage and brought it to the base of Ukrainian bro tanks.

In its turn, two weeks ago, the ‘He-Bunny’was seized by ‘Stout Sparrow’and ‘Murky Mouse,’ two Ukrainian T-64 tanks, when ‘He-Bunny’ was chasing “She-Rabbit” at a water ferry not far from Izium, Kharkiv oblast.

Right now the intensive tank clashes go on in the whole Kharkiv direction.

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