Only those who fight win

(short story)

Ann didn’t immediately realize that she had won. Not after the final blow, in which she put all her strength, not after the opponent in the ring fell and stopped moving. Her ears were stuffed up, as if she was now not here, but underwater. The referee counts 10 seconds, the crowd repeats after him. And at that time, her whole life flashes before her eyes:

An 11-year-old girl was sitting in her room on the floor, pressed against the wall. Under her long jacket were numerous beatings inflicted by other children. They beat her again. And she again sits and cries, buried in her knees. Small tears rolled down her face, and occasional sobs broke the silence of the room. She just didn’t understand why they were doing this to her.

“Hey, baby, is everything all right?” Father’s voice sounded from behind the tightly closed door.

The girl could not answer anything, and the millet continued to sob softly.

Having received no answer, the door opened and her father entered the dark room. Looking around, at first he could not find her, but then he turned and saw that she was sitting on the floor outside the door.

Slowly approaching his daughter, he bent down and carefully studied her face.

“What happened, dear?”

“They… Again…,” the girl was able to connect a few words and then burst into tears again.

The head of the family thought silently. He knew what to do. But I didn’t know if it was right.

“Let’s go,” the man smiled and offered his daughter’s hand.

“Where?” The girl stopped crying and looked at her father in bewilderment.

“I’ll take you somewhere and show you something,” after these words, the girl grabbed her father’s hand and they left the house.

Then her father took her to a boxing studio and taught her how to fight and said: “You have to fight. Never let yourself be offended. You are very strong.”

Then she learned to fight back, the bruises from the beatings disappeared, but others appeared – from everyday training, in which she gave her best. Then others began to notice the talent in her, not everyone supported her, but now she is standing here. In the ring in Kyiv at the World Boxing Championship.

“And… 10! This year’s winner is Ann Iron Fist!”

There is noise in the hall, everyone is screaming, and music is playing in the background. Ann smiles sadly at the people approaching her and thinks, “I’ll dedicate this victory to you, dad.”

Only those who fight win.

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