Plot Twist…Unexpected


Back in late January, I found out that a concert I had expected so much was postponed to the next year summer. I thought that it would actually be the outset of the summer examination.

Anyway, I was supposed to stop by my best friend in Poland preferably, and I was pumped…Today, this headache seems to be surprisingly slight. As the month before my trip, I woke up of a few heart-breaking explosions.

An unexpected plot twist, yeah?

For 110 days now, Ukraine has been fighting for its right to be a sovereign country. 110 days, which are lasting for 8 years and for 4 centuries.

In 110 days, russia killed more than 243 children, according to official data. It’s hard to feature the certain count.

Children’s lives, which should be filled with giggling, smirks and happiness, now are filled with pain, losing their families and housing in front of their eyes. That doesn’t fit in my head either that kids are able to recognize the sounds of shelling.

Little ones shouldn’t shield behind a double wall or run to a shelter, because at any moment a missile may pop up, or an artillery fight may break out. They shouldn’t live in a fear for the lives of their parents, sisters, brothers, animals and all acquaintances. Their lives should be carefree, but now they will look back at their childhood eternally.

Oodles of animals were also injured. Someone left them outside and moved to other cities, saving their own lives. Though, cats, dogs and more pets also want to survive. Instead, they suffer on their own. They are anxious, constantly hiding and not knowing why they were abandoned and what is going on. Countless animals were rescued, but others, unfortunately, weren’t.

Every day we receive news about recent deaths. Moreover, every time the heart breaks. The understanding of Ukrainian literature came out, and it is enthralling how history repeats itself with accuracy. All this has happened before and more than once. However, we will manage, the victory is still ahead. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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