Wonder-inventor And Flying Boots

(miniflash story)

Max, a wacky inventor, had created boots with gas cylinders and decided that he could fly in them. He started testing them on the street.

He made a jump, the second one, the third… but the boots were not as flying as he thought, so he made not a soft landing in the thorny bushes. Neighbors came to laugh at the miracle inventor. Max got up, sliding on the lawn, and making the next attempt. One of his neighbors smirked, “Max, you’re almost a fairy, but just on your knees, a-ha-ha-ha!”

After this incident, Max tried to create flying shoes for a long time, again and again, and despite the failures and laughter of his neighbors, he laughed with them too, not forgetting to believe in himself.

One day, he will fly. Personally, I believe in him.

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