Death In Gyms!

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From the beginning of May, I started going to the gym. It is the best in my city. My gym is really cool. It is located on the second floor of a separate business complex. This is not a gym you knew in the basement since Soviet times. There are a lot of new modern simulators in the gym and there were a lot of sports equipment. In this gym if you want or if don’t, but you will be engaged: you want to try everything. There is even a separate room for group training, as well as a spa. Unfortunately, the spa has been closed since the quarantine time, but its presence still warms the soul.

I go there 3 times a week at seven-thirty. I don’t go out before, because I work until 19:00. And I will explain: I took this gym not only because of its level, but also because it is near my home — 5 minutes and I’m there. The gym closes at 22:00, but the administration asks (even in the contracts) that at 21:45 no one was there. I finish my workout at about nine o’clock, maybe plus 15-20 minutes.

I am very pleased to have purchased a season ticket. There is an unlimited gym, there are also group workouts and spas. I have been practicing for six months. I have never been to group training. Well, first of all, it is not so easy to go there, because all the visitors, mostly women, enroll in several classes at once, and when asked about a particular training, so that it has already recruited enough people. Only 10 people – the quarantine standards. But one day I still signed up for yoga, which took place at 8:00 am. A second after the receptionist nodded to me, I regretted my action…Yes, I only have five minutes to go to the gym, but it’s still eight in the morning. I signed up for next Thursday. Imagine what happens there if the enrollment in group classes is almost complete, even next week. But I still snatched this place. Set an alarm, reminder. The next Thursday I didn’t go anywhere. I woke up at seven, came to my room and reminded me to get ready. All I managed to do was get up and close the door to the room. Maybe I’ll try to sign up, but next time they will look more realistically at the time of classes.

Monday’s choice, as always, I gathered, and at seven-thirty came to the gym. The training was great, I’m happy with everything. After each workout, I sit down to stretch, and then go to the treadmill to consolidate what I have gained. It’s been nine o’clock, I’ve been running for a few minutes. The girl quickly leaves the dressing room and heads towards me. She gets on the treadmill, which is a meter from mine and starts her warm-up. “Uh, nine o’clock, and it will be only the best. Forty-five minutes for training. Well, well,” I thought. Here I run, listening to my favorite tracks, looking out the windows of high-rise buildings. The gym has many panoramic windows and mirrors. So, if you don’t look at yourself, you watch street life. Suddenly I smelled such an unpleasant odor. It knocked out all my thoughts about windows. I understood that I had already heard this smell somewhere. In a second I recovered and found out the source of the horrible smell that ran near me…

Do you know this disgusting smell of some old flower perfume from the Soviet times? This may be somewhere in your grandmother`s locker. Unfortunately, perfumes with this scent are still being created as if they were the best. Yeah, they’re not much better. Grandmothers love to wear this perfume, and not just to wear it, but to pour it over on them. This is how the concept of “perfumed train” arose. It can be transferred if you walk down the street, and since you are standing in the crowded subway at seven-thirty in the morning, where people can barely get in, you just can’t move, and here’s such a grandmother standing right in front of you, drenched in these “beautiful” perfumes – mmm… In such situations, I just count how many stops my condition will be critical and I will just suffocate. As you can see, the death has not come yet.

So here is this girl, drenched in this poisonous perfume, calmly running around me. And on a subconscious level, I’m just starting to run away from this smell. I understood that no matter how fast I run for a minute, I will not run far on the treadmill, I will not run away at all. Five minutes later she left but her scent remained. How I did not fall off the treadmill – I’m surprised, because this smell confused me a lot.

And the question arises: why do you pour perfume when you go to the gym?! I will not believe that they are so stable that for a whole day or even a couple of hours, they still smell so crazy. Just want to ask all the girls: do not use perfume when you go to the gym? You are not a fairy-tale princess, perfume does not rid you of the smell of sweat. On the contrary, such a mixture will have a worse odor. Due to the fact that coaches insist on training, you can get baffled by the sweat-and-perfume mixture in a few minutes. That is the minimum. As a maximum of such a sickie reaction, it can lead even to the death. Both spiritual and physical…

And you know what’s most marvelous? Yesterday the story repeated itself. Will this smell haunt me forever?

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