“Who, what?” This is how people react when I tell who I study for. Who is the publisher? A question with an asterisk.

If you think purely professionally, the answer is very simple — this is a person who publishes. Anything from booklets to books. “Ah, I get it,” no, dear, you don’t get it yet. A publisher is a person who establishes the transfer of knowledge from one mind to another. However, the main goal is to select the knowledge needed by others and pass it on in such a way that it is best assimilated. That’s right, the cover of the book has not only aesthetic and informational value, but also affects the assimilation of content. The work of a publisher is a work with the subconscious of each person. Sound difficult? I will reveal the secret, and it is.

Who were the publishers before the full-scale war? For us, we can already say professionals; our colleagues were those who fought for the survival of the book in society, who did everything to make our people more interested in literature, and the world learned what a Ukrainian book is. And we aspired to become successors who will adopt invaluable experience and finish the started business with wild success and will continue to develop it further. And there is one “but” — it was before the full-scale war.

I think that after our victory, there will be no such thing as a “publisher.” Publishers are a thing of the past; we don’t use this word anymore.

Who are we now?

We are the ones who will raise Ukrainian culture from its knees after centuries of Moscow captivity. Those who will revive the Ukrainian nation from the ashes of Russian propaganda. Those who will create the heart of the world with words — Ukraine. Thanks to us, everyone will learn how beautiful the Ukrainian language is, how special and unique it is, ancient and real. We will show what are the traditions, customs and the way of life of the Ukrainian people. The whole world will know what this nation is and what it should be like.

Enlighteners. Once upon a time, this was the name given to people who opened the eyes of others to some simple things that were completely unknown and distant. Now we open our eyes. Our mission is not just to publish books and promote reading among the population, but now our mission is to unite the Ukrainian people from West to East with true Ukrainian culture, as it has been since time immemorial.

Yes, this is the mission not only of us, but of the whole nation, but we are the ones who will lead it and pass on its words and thoughts to all without exception. NO Publishers anymore! Only Ukrainians!

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