Girl and Sword

(short story)

In one city, competitions were held annually among “the best, the most agile and enduring,” and the prize was nothing more than a magic sword forged from a special metal and enchanted by the most powerful wizards of the same city, if not the whole world. However, there was one rule in these competitions among others: children (for safety reasons) and women could not participate. Such was their hierarchy.

However, one of the girls named Mara didn’t like this rule. Why can boys compete, participate and win, but girls have to stand aside and watch it? Oh no, it won’t be like that anymore.

For days and nights, Mara trained wherever and whenever possible: at home, in the yard, after school, and after her homework. Others thought she was weird or laughed at her because where it was seen that a girl could compete with boys? Not only that: also she wanted competed with a sword, that didn’t suit the girl at all.

So years passed and once Mara finally signed up for the competition. As none of the girls had dared to take part in the competition, Mara had to register under a male name, with her hair cut and breasts tightened.

Not to say it was easy. Due to her smaller stature, Mara was ignored for the first time, pushed lightly, “not noticing” her, but still, she managed to break through almost to the end of the competition and snatched the victory from the finalist. She fought skillfully as a smart warrior, didn’t give up, and finally, she won a brilliant victory.

And when it came time to reward, Mara told everyone who she was. There were many disputes and negotiations, but with a heavy heart, the jury still gave her the magic sword. And later they revised their rules and regulations. As for the girl she turned into MARA, the mighty magic lady…

The next year, the rule prohibiting participation in competitions was simplified: at that time it forbade only children to participate in competitions. Again, for safety reasons.

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