Post-traumatic syndrome


Now the situation in the country is very difficult, and because of this, many Ukrainian cities, infrastructure and, of course, people are suffering.

Not only physically, but also psychologically, because of which people cannot be sure of the future. I used to love thinking about the future, what I would do, where I wanted to work, when to go, but now I’m not even sure if I’ll make it to the end of the month, because no one is safe from a bomb that can fly into the house. Also, because of the war, it is difficult to perceive ordinary things that were not previously paid attention to. For example, I’ve always liked thunderstorms with heavy rain, but when the thunder rumbled yesterday, I was terrified, for a minute I thought that were explosions. I really look forward to when peace will come and it will be possible to return to my former life, at the same time I understand that nothing will be the same as before. Because the events of this year had a huge impact on all of us.

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