Unbreakable in Beliefs

(short story)

“Do you want tea?“ asked one of the investigators, who was holding a list of spies in a paper file.

“I have long received notes from the ‘Mondo Mob Men’ who want to overthrow the current government, and I need a person who will get along with them. I think you are right for me; it is not very good that you have a family, it will be difficult for children to survive your absence. But on the other hand, now you have a reason and an incentive to return home after the mission. We hope you are completely satisfied with the fee in the envelope for this work. You have to return to Tokyo and find Teri-Lou, in the future you will receive new information about the operation, after which you will have to undergo a medical examination, but more on that later. I will send a man to you… “ The boss turned away from the assassin and sat down at the coffee table.

“Come on, I know that you are all serious men here, but what do you tell me about my partner? Did I understand correctly that I would have a guy on my tail? I don’t need it, I always work alone, this assistant is just overweight for me.” said Willie, the pro killer.

“Honey, I’m not at all interested in what kind of team you work for. I pay you crazy money; you do the work. That’s all that is required of you, in general … There are also difficult moments in the work, that’s why I want to send an assistant with you, no matter how badly you think about my reputation and me, I do not want a man like you left this world in a dark alley. And I know you’re a genius at work, but don’t forget who your opponent is. The guy will go with you to cover from…unexpected situations.

Willie got up from the red leather chair, put out his cigarette, and looked askance at the investigator. He trusted his boss, but Investigator Henry hid something in his dark black eyes. Unfortunately, for the assassin, he never made a mistake, feeling the garbage from afar.

That was his last operation…His intuition has never deceived him…

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