What Paint To Apply To Fabrics?

Deciding to paint or not to paint clothes, you need to choose the appropriate paint. Manufacturers of fabric paints offer a wide range of dyes. They differ in composition and characteristics. To facilitate the choice, it is recommended to study the properties of each of the types of paints, because the use of the wrong can permanently ruins a thing.

Not all paints are suitable for dyeing clothes. There are a number of requirements for such tools. They must be indelible, UV-resistant, well-tolerated and easy to apply to fabric. Paints intended for painting clothes include acrylic, aniline, with a glow effect. Drawings on fabric can also be applied with permanent markers and natural dyes.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints, consisting of acrylic, pigments and water-based, are the best to paint on cotton, wool and silk canvases. It is very important not to confuse them with artistic acrylic paints, as they are unsuitable for painting on fabrics.

Acrylic paints can often be found in glass or plastic jars, but they are also produced in the form of sprays and aerosols. This type of dye has the following advantages:

  • ease of application;
  • security;
  • durability;
  • formation of indelible film;
  • no pungent odor;
  • a wide variety of colors from light to dark;
  • ease of dilution with water;
  • convenient form of issue.

It is recommended to wash things painted with acrylic paints by hand in cool water. The most popular manufacturers of this type of products are Decola, Simplicol, Marabu, Dylon and Polycolor.

Aniline dyes

To dye natural fabric, it is recommended to use aniline dyes. Such dyes are available in liquid and powder form. To dye clothes, they must perform the following manipulations:

Dilute the pigment in water in a ratio of one to three or one to four – depending on the weight of the thing you are going to paint. Put clothes in the resulting solution, heated to 95 degrees and boil for several minutes. It should be kept in mind that the final result depends on how long the product is cooked, because the longer you do it, the darker the color.

At the end of the procedure, add two to five tablespoons of salt to the liquid. When dyeing woolen products, you must additionally dissolve in water one or two tablespoons of vinegar, cotton — the same amount of soda. Rinse the painted thing.

Paints with a glow effect

Craftswomen who are looking for original ideas for painting a T-shirt or other thing, should pay attention to the paint with a glow effect. Due to the content of phosphor (powder with colorless varnish), it is invisible during the day, and in the dark begins to glow in different colors: blue, yellow, green and more. This dye is designed for painting on cotton fabrics.

How stable are permanent markers?

If you need to apply a pattern on the fabric so that the paint does not wear off, it is better to use permanent markers. With their help, you can easily draw a clear outline on the matter of any origin: natural, artificial, synthetic, mixed. They are deeply absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and retain color saturation even after repeated washing.

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