Ukraine… I Believe In My Country


Today it is very difficult to remain silent about the realities in which we find ourselves. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by the aggressor’s country cannot be ignored, and the Ukrainian people do not ignore it. The civilian population is suffering, high-rise buildings and ordinary people’s homes are being shelled. We have to flee and hide on our own land. How can this be allowed in 2022? The answer is that tyrants have always been and always end up the same, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Hitler, Mussolini or Putin.

We can be silent about many things, but we cannot be silent about human lives! About our freedom, which is taken away under the guise of, “We are saving Ukraine from neo-fascists and Bandera.” The worst thing is that people in the aggressor’s country believe in it. They believe that their president is protecting us from us on our own land.

I do not want to talk about politics or express my opinion on this war, because everyone has their own position, but no one has the right to kill and intimidate us, no one has the right to take away our independence. We are strong, we will never give up. Our history proves it. I believe in my country, I love my country, I want to live in it peacefully.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Peace in Ukraine… Long live Ukraine!

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