Definitely the Best

(an opinion article)

Have you ever imagined who among millions of people in the world could be your ideal friend? Well, that’s what I did.

If I had a chance to create my future friend, I would give him or her some necessary characteristics. I have always thought that this person should be reliable and sympathetic so that I could be supported and helped by my friend every time I really in need of it. At least, these qualities tend to be essential when I try to meet a new friend.

Being keen on my friend’s kind words, I realised that I appreciated smart and wise people with a sense of humour even more than supportive ones. The sharp mind is crucial because if my friend has it, I will be able to communicate with him or her on many topics, having a laugh…The more the better…

The tip that I should have been given earlier is to think about all my buddies and mates, friends and contacts to decide whether they are ideal for me or not…By the way, you can do the same…

If your answer is YES, what stops you from saying YES and turning one of your buddies into your best friends…Why not to be brave, to break the ice and make the first step?

If your answer is NOT…I guess that your search should not be stopped. Keep on looking for a perfect person…and I will do the same…

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