Some Duty from the Cutie

( humorous essay)

Sometimes the Cutie Destiny hugs me with her prickly astonishing situations screaming: “I have so pleasant gift for you! Wanna get an unforgettable chain of events that gonna choke you to laughter?” So disappointingly because I often pour my mother’s flowers with me tears (they would die if I weren’t so kind and sad). Although this time I truly laughed cause the next story happened not with me. Finally…

My female friend had been working in a prestigious company with a loud name (don’t remember it) for a week before she met one super influential client. To be correct hadn’t met. Valery (this name I remember even better than mine) must pay attention to every visitor. That time the girl might have decided she shouldn’t have interfered in client’s life as her study debts in revelry days of students were too heavy. She was really tired thus she didn’t come to this man. This man of juice was the one visitor who didn’t hear her pure Boryspil surzhik (she periodically forgets it when I ask her to tell me about products). But why is this client so super and so influential? Because he’s the director of the company where Valery worked. He was checking how responsibly employees were at work. My female friend met every visitor, except the most important of course. While seeing this man of power, she added some sparkles of her cranky imagination in the cocktail of reckless ignoring and disregarding…Cutie destiny! Firstly, it was the one day he organized that check. Exactly Valery’s shift. Secondly, this man hadn’t arrived in our town for a couple of years.

I think you understood that my friend got a jackpot from the Cutie Destiny.

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