Kill the Dragon

(short story)

There was a note on the kitchen table that Liam took and read. It turned out from this note that his mother had recently left for work so that Liam could wash the dishes and was prohibited to go up to the third floor of the new house.

Liam was curious to be there on the 3rd floor…He climbed the stairs and in front of him noticed a TV and a game. “Mom just didn’t want me to play? What the nonsense, she had never forbidden me to play.” Liam turned on the game and sat down switching on the TV. It turned out that the game had a sticker that read “With the curse.”

Liam had to take Mario’s place in the game and kill the dragon and only then he would be permitted to come back to normal life and get off the TV.

When Liam coped, being covered with heave sweat, he just couldn’t come to his senses, sitting at the TV in horror. In the same condition, he went downstairs and washed the dishes, as it was requested by his mother. But after that he no longer went up to the third floor, and the TV set with the game burned down.

Why didn’t my mom let me go up to the third floor? Because she got into this game when Liam was at school on the first day of moving.

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