The Personalization History

Are you an average Joe or an individual?


Personalization has indeed become widespread in the last few years, but this trend originated in the 1970’s. Initially, the personalization of things was the prerogative of various youth subcultures: the first ‘peeps’ who started updating their own things were hippies. American “children of flowers” decorated bags, vests and denim jackets with patches, beads, various embroideries and the trademark of their subculture.

At the same time, the punk movement in Britain was fast developing. The fellows following this subculture literally had to ‘snoice’ their outfits: tear off T-shirts and jeans, complement leather jackets with spikes, paint them with inscriptions and various signs.

For a long time, personalization was considered to be a part of various youth movements: creative individuals who do not take the world as it was, had to stand out from the crowd. And the best way was to update the thing bought in the store on your own, rethink it and redesign it in your own way…So are you an average Joe or an individual? That is for you to decide…

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