1000 and 1 e-learning certificate

Since 2020, we have moved to a remote lifestyle. At first it was difficult to get used to being at home all the time, but you get used to everything…

Distance life is a good opportunity for e-learning, because there are many resources where you can improve your knowledge of different activities. I will talk about some of them which are the most suitable for me.

1 Prometheus
This resource includes courses for journalists, teachers, psychologists, graduating students, etc. Everything takes place in the format of video lectures, at the end of each module there is a test. If you successfully complete the course and pass the final exam, you can get a certificate. Prometheus’ mission is to make the best education available to everyone.

2 EdEra
EdEra is an online education studio that creates impressive online courses. It relates to interactive textbooks, educational special projects and models integration of modern educational solutions into traditional learning process. Here the courses are mainly for school graduates to better prepare for exams. You can also get a certificate at the end.

VUM is an educational initiative that disseminates ideas and promotes the development of civil society in Ukraine. Here you will find training courses formed from video lectures, practical tasks and control questions. These are courses from leading teachers of business schools, the public sector, business and social practitioners. The topics of the courses are related to: personal development and realization of your potential, entrepreneurship as a mechanism for quality development of the community and society, understanding the construction and operation of an open society and its formation in Ukraine.

So, let the ball rolling! Keep on your self-development, take courses and everything will be fine!

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