Coffee Paradise

Have you noticed that coffee has become an integral part of most people’s lives? This is evidenced by the huge number of coffee shops, which every day appears more and more. Someone can not live without black coffee, and someone can not imagine their breakfast without a latte. But there are many types of coffee and coffee drinks and I think everyone will find something to their taste.

Now I’m going to talk about the most famous coffee drinks we used to drink.

  • Americano – espresso coffee diluted with hot water in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3. Americano is brewed in an espresso maker: After brewing 30 ml of espresso, the coffee maker adds boiling water to it for 120-160 ml.
  • Espresso – Sturdy black coffee brewed with a coffee machine. There are two interpretations of the translation from the Italian “espresso”: 1) “fast”; 2) “pressed”, “welded under pressure.” Espresso is considered the “king” among coffees. Its taste is based on a pleasant balance of acidity and bitterness and a sense of freshness and fineness of taste. Standard serving of espresso – 30-35 ml. The ideal espresso has a homogeneous, even, dense golden-nut foam (cream). The thickness of the cream should be at least 2 mm. Serve espresso for the first one and a half minutes after cooking, drink quickly with a few sips, relishing the foam, sometimes dusted with powdered sugar. It is also possible to mix the foam with coffee before consumption as the taste is concentrated in it.
  • Cappuccino – coffee with hot foamed milk and lush silky milk-coffee foam (“hood”). The drink got its name from the monks of the Capuchin Order, who, according to legend, were the first to invent whipped milk into coffee. Cappuccino is the most popular cafe drink. Regular serving – 150 ml. The recommended temperature is 60-70 degrees. Usually cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa.
  • Latte is a coffee cocktail consisting of one part espresso and two parts warm milk with foam. “Latte” (emphasis on the first syllable) – translated from Italian means milk. Serve coffee latte in airish glass or in a tall glass with a tube. Various syrups (except for citrus fruits through which milk can squeeze) are added to the aroma during the preparation of hot and cold latte. Often the foam on the surface of the drink is decorated with drawings. This is a whole art called latte art.
  • Glaze – cool coffee with a ball of ice cream. Served in airish glass with a tube.

I hope that you will surely choose something delicious. But keep in mind that coffee drinks and coffee should not be misused, as you will then be harmed by excess caffeine. And most importantly, do not forget: “To talk over a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness well spent.”

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