Advertising on Instagram

Without advertising, you probably will not be able to promote your ideas and your business. You can order it from a blogger or use targeted (official) advertising from Instagram. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

In order to order advertising from a blogger and not to be mistaken, it is very important to choose it correctly. Look at the reviews of advertising on the blogger’s advertising page (almost all of them have them), what are the coverage and impressions, because if a person has a million subscribers, it does not mean that a million are also active. Also, pay attention to the interests, age and place of residence of subscribers. After choosing, you can offer advertising in barter (you give him goods, and he advertises you) or at advertising rates set by the blogger.

It is also important to set up official advertising correctly. At one time, being less experienced, I spent a lot of money on advertising, which was almost ineffective. So, here are some tips for setting up advertising to help you save money:

  • Adjust your audience according to interests, age, location, and do not choose the automatic (Instagram selects it), at least in the beginning. This was my first and main mistake. In the beginning, the main part of your subscribers are your friends and acquaintances. They all have different interests, so the social network will show your ad to people who are not very interested in your services.
  • Make advertising posts amazing so that they interest people and they come to your profile.
  • Keep track of savings, impressions, profile transitions, and reach. This will help you understand how well you set up your ad and how many and how many people you are interested in.

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