The Guy From Our Apartment Block

(short story)

“Hey, bro, are you busy?”

“No, you need my help, Galya?”

“I wanted to introduce my boyfriend to our parents today, but before that I want to introduce him to you. You are my blood brother, right?”

“My God, has this day really come, and will you introduce us to your mysterious love?”

“Ha-ha-ha, very funny.”

The doorbell rang.

“Oh, it’s him! I will open,” the girl ran away of room.

A couple of seconds later, the couple entered the living room.

“Anton, meet Peter, my boyfriend. He is from our apartment block. Peter, this is Anton, my older brother.”

“Who are you?” Anton stared at the guest in shock.

“Excuse me?” Galya shifted her gaze awkwardly from her brother to her boyfriend and back. “Haven’t you heard? This is Peter, my boyfriend…”

“Peter? No, he is not green-eyed Peter from our apartment block. Peter died one year ago in front of me. I saw him in the coffin at the funeral. This guy just looks like Peter…His black eyes sparkle differently…I repeat, my question: who are you?”

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