Welcome to the Institute of Infortainment!

Journalism… Pardon… Journalism

In some Ukrainian companies, the University grads could be shocked with this puzzling phrase, “Don`t forget to delete everything you learned in your University. You won`t need this stuff while working here.” And when a confused applicant says, “Do forgive me, but I did not go to any University,” he or she could be smashed with a final knockdown, “Really? So, you are underqualified to be employed here!”

Borys Grinchenko University, an undeniable leader on the Ukrainian educational market, is an exception from the list of Institutes and Universities trailing behind the modern educational trends. That`s why its graduates, armed with numerous computer-savvy and high-tech skills are welcomed with open arms in practically all state and private organizations in Ukraine.

It is not surprising to see a boom of hilarious freshers, first-year students, in the sparkling white walls of this well-respected Alma Mater.

As one KUBG alumnus has recently remarked, “Especially good are our journalists and publishers. Ukrainian mass media bosses even call them as spellbinders. And I even know why. All of them got magic multimedia wands and good skills at trick questions… ”

So, dear greenhorns, I mean first-years, hello y’all, and welcome to our glorious Institute of Infortainment, whoops, the Institute of Journalism!

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