Tailor in Paris

(flash story)

Tolian was a tailor who loved to sew and sow. He had a shop where he made clothes and a garden where he planted seeds. He was very proud of his work and his hobby, but he also had a secret. He was a spy for the CIA, and he used his shop and garden to cover his missions.

One day, he received a message from his handler. He had to go to Paris and meet a contact at the Eiffel Tower. He had to bring a suit and a flower as a signal. He quickly packed his bags and took a flight to France.

He arrived at the Eiffel Tower and looked for his contact. He saw a woman wearing a red dress and holding a book. He approached her and said, “Bonjour, madame. I’m Tolian, the tailor. I have a suit for you.”

The woman smiled and said, “Bonjour, monsieur. I’m Anne, the librarian. I have a book for you.”

They exchanged their items and walked away. Tolian opened the book and found a microchip inside. He put it in his pocket and headed to his hotel.

He was about to enter his room when he heard a gunshot. He turned around and saw Anne lying on the floor, blood spilling from her chest. He ran to her and knelt beside her. He saw a sniper on a nearby rooftop. He cursed and grabbed his gun.

He fired back at the sniper, but missed. The sniper fired again, but hit the flower in Tolian’s hand. Tom threw the flower away and ran to the elevator. He pressed the button, but nothing happened. He looked at the sign and saw that it was out of order. He cursed again and ran to the stairs.

He reached the first floor and ran to the street. Tolian saw a taxi and hailed it. He got in and told the driver to take him to the airport. He checked his watch and saw that he had only an hour left before his flight.

He hoped that he would make it on time and that his mission was not compromised. He wondered who betrayed him and why. He also wondered what the microchip contained and what it was for.

He decided to find out later, when he was safe and sound. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Tolian tried to relax and forget about the chaos. He thought about his shop and his garden. He thought about his sewing and his sowing.

At last, Tolian smiled and said to himself, “Life is sew sowing.”

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