Black’s shop. The Mischief Succeeded

(miniflash story)

A bookstore is conveniently located on one of the streets of London. Its owner was the irresponsible, often angry, pathetic Bernard Black. He was sitting at a dirty table, his feet on the table with stinky socks, when his friend Fran visited him.

“Oh, what a picturesque picture! And the smell is just divine. Hello, Bernard.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” The man muttered.

“How talkative you are today! I suggest you should drink wine in honor of the new product that appeared in the range in my store,” sang Fran.

“In honor of the three-headed chimpanzee, open the bottle…”

Suddenly a female visitor approaches the table:

“Oh my God, what an ugly stench. You have a dump here, not a shop, a trumpery! Give me your best book or I’ll die right now if I stay here for a few more seconds.”

“Here, ma’am. Good afternoon, ma’am,” Bernard handed her a thick book, and the visitor threw the money on the table running out of the room.

“Why did you give her a book if she was so rude to you?”A friend was embarrassed.

“She just doesn’t know that the used toilet paper is hidden between the pages. It was a collection for devils like her,” the man laughed sinisterly. Fran also giggled, pouring wine into glasses that were always at Bernard’s table.

They raised goblets and drank in honor of the double success, not knowing that their visitor was a famous witch…

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