Coronavirus? Don`t worry-shworry!

One day everything got topsy –turvy. The usual work and school education turned into never-ending blah-blah-blah about the coronavirus, quarantine and shop lines. People are full of different feelings and thoughts. Many men, many minds. Many women, many  whines. Some people condemned it all, the others thought about an opportunity to relax. Let’s see if this is good or bad and what is the current state of our country.

Taking into account the experience of other countries, where the coronavirus has started spreading in a mad and smad, hulk and dulk way, Ukrainian quarantine is a good step. In doing so, the authorities chose the health of the people and the reasonable response to the pandemic, but in doing so, it did a lot to crash our fragile economy.

However, there is one small caveat: was it reasonable to know that in other countries there was a virus outbreak and to take Ukrainians from other countries back home? Directly, they needed help, but wasn’t it a great danger when the first planes flew in from Italy and people were permitted to come back but not go home? In this case, the state authorities got in a logical paradox not knowing exactly what to do.

The following is a test of who we are and how each of us estimates the situation. Only a small number of people took it seriously from the beginning and started to follow the rules. The other majority just ignored it. Two weeks passed since the introduction of quarantine but a lot of people just don`t want to wear masks. Who do they pretend to be?

On the other hand, there is no need to get scared — panic has never led to anything good. We know for sure that stress, despair, and panic lead to illnesses even without any viruses.

This topic has become socially important, so it is covered in all media. But in addition, there are media outlets that spread a lot of false information, so you also need to filter and buoy the media.

My tips for getting through quarantine and just not picking on the negativity, as well as getting nervous:

  1. Buy new books and read a lot. This is the best time for self-development.
  2. Do sports outdoors (forest, park, riverbank) or indoors, because it`s better to be healthy and wealthy instead of being creepy and weepy.
  3. It is good to eat proper fresh food and not to buy tons of porridge and buckwheat.
  4. Perform memory training exercises.

The main thing is not to worry – schworry. Everything will be OKEY-DOKEY!

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